EPEAT Benefits Calculators

GEC’s interactive environmental benefits calculator allows purchasers to measure and report the environmental benefits gained from purchasing electronic products covered by the EPEAT ecolabel. The benefits calculator also enables purchasers to estimate how they can achieve further environmental reductions by using products longer and responsibly recycling them when taken out of service.

Information Needed to Calculate Benefits

Purchasers will need to input the number of EPEAT registered products purchased for each Product Type and EPEAT Tier. Product types include desktops, notebooks, printers, copiers, etc. Purchasers can use this workbook to gather relevant data for input into the calculator.

Calculator User Guides

For help with calculating benefits for the Computers and Displays, Mobile Phones, and Servers categories, please reference GEC’s User Guide for Computers and Displays, Mobile Phones and Servers.

For help with calculating benefits for the Photovoltaic Modules, please reference GEC’s User Guide for Photovoltaic Modules.

For Imaging Equipment and Television calculators, GEC has plans to update the interface of these older versions. Until then, please use the detailed EEBC user guide to assist you in completing calculations for the imaging equipment and television product categories. Additional background information for the calculators can be found in the US EPA’s Using the Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator (EEBC) resource.

If you have questions or would like GEC to generate a free EPEAT Benefits Calculation Report for you, please contact info@gec.org.