Welcome to the online Registry of products covered under the EPEAT ecolabel. The EPEAT ecolabel is the leading global Type-1 ecolabel for the technology products. The Global Electronics Council (GEC) manages the EPEAT ecolabel, including the Conformity Assurance Bodies that provide 3rd party verification of the products listed in this Registry. Product information is updated daily.

Products must meet certain required and optional EPEAT criteria to be considered "EPEAT-registered" and be listed on this site. The specific EPEAT tier achieved by a product aligns with the number of optional criteria the product meets.

Detailed Category-specific EPEAT Registered Product Reports

Users interested in seeing the detailed criteria information for active and/or archived products with a specific EPEAT category can download the Detailed Category-specific EPEAT Registered Product Reports. These reports provide product identifying information and criteria declarations for the products within each product category in an easy downloadable Excel file. To access the reports, please use the links on the right:

EPEAT Registry Continues to Improve!

GEC has planned improvements to the functionality of the EPEAT Registry throughout 2022. If you are interested in participating in the global EPEAT Registry Beta Testing Group, please email your name, organization, and contact information to support@gec.org. Planned functionality improvements include increased search capability, saved product searches, and identification of how EPEAT registered products help meet organizational sustainability goals.